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#10 Percussion Cap Maker

#10 Percussion Cap Maker

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Experience the satisfaction of making your own homemade #10 percussion caps with the #10 Percussion Cap Maker, a revolutionary tool designed for enthusiasts of black powder muzzleloaders. This cutting-edge product turns ordinary aluminum sheets from soda cans into small, perfect empty percussion caps, allowing users to enjoy savings and efficiency all in one go.

Built to cater to the widely-used #10 size caps, the 10 Percussion Cap Maker is the go-to solution for those keen on mastering the craft of no10 percussion cap creation. It's a user-friendly, reliable tool that simplifies the process of making your own dummy percussion caps.

Opt for the number 10 Percussion Cap Maker with Spare Punch - because true craftsmanship is in the details.

Features and Additional Details:

  • Material: Sturdily made with plastic from a 3D printer, this tool guarantees longevity.
  • Spare Punch: Includes an extra punch, ensuring continuous cap production without interruptions.
  • Compatibility: Exclusively designed for #10 size caps, frequently used in percussion revolvers.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Shipping: Enjoy complimentary priority international shipping, all the way from Poland.
  • Returns: Shop with confidence. We accept returns within 14 days.

Disclaimer & Safety:

The #10 Cap Maker is designed for crafting dummy percussion caps, intended to safeguard nipples from dust and prevent deformation during dry firing sessions. It is imperative to refrain from using live ammunition with this product. Users are solely responsible for ensuring safe usage and assume all associated risks and liabilities. By purchasing and utilizing the Percussion Cap Maker, you affirm that you have thoroughly read, comprehended, and accepted this disclaimer.

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