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Paper Cartridge Former .60

Paper Cartridge Former .60

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.60 Caliber (20GA) Paper Cartridge Former for Percussion Rifles and 20 Gauge Shotguns

Experience the thrill of creating your own ready-to-use paper cartridges with our .60 Caliber (20GA) Paper Cartridge Former, specifically designed for .60 caliber percussion rifles and 20 gauge shotguns. This clever tool enables users to swiftly and easily create paper cartridges with a 60-80 grain charge, bringing a personal touch to your ammunition.

Our Paper Cartridge Former is designed to simplify the process of loading your muzzleloaders, providing a convenient, efficient method of creating your own cartridges. By using this tool, users not only save time and effort but also ensure a consistent and reliable performance from their muzzleloaders.

With our .60 Caliber (20GA) Paper Cartridge Former, your shooting experience is sure to be more personalized and efficient.

Features and Additional Details:

  • Material: This tool is created using a 3D printer and is made from high-quality plastic, ensuring longevity and precision.
  • Contents: This lot includes one .60 caliber paper cartridge former. Please be advised, no additional accessories are included with this product.
  • Efficiency: Our tool facilitates the creation of your own ready-to-use cartridges quickly and easily, enhancing the loading process and ensuring a consistent shooting experience.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Shipping: Enjoy free priority international shipping, sent directly from Poland.
  • Returns: We offer a 14-day return policy for your convenience and satisfaction.

Enhance your shooting experience with our .60 Caliber (20GA) Paper Cartridge Former. Start your personalized shooting journey today!

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