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Capper Star Tool (7pcs) - Suitable for #10 and #11 DIY Caps

Capper Star Tool (7pcs) - Suitable for #10 and #11 DIY Caps

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Percussion Capper Star Tool (7pcs) - Effortless Cap Loading for #10 and #11 Caps

Discover the future of muzzleloader handling with the Percussion Capper Star Tool (7pcs). This unique gadget simplifies the loading process of percussion muzzleloaders, making your shooting experience more enjoyable and efficient. Its innovative star-shaped design facilitates quick and precise placement of DIY percussion caps onto the nipples.

Compatible with DIY percussion caps made by our Cap Maker Tool, this capper is specifically designed for muzzleloading rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Made from robust materials, this tool offers a mix of durability and simplicity that hunters, target shooters, and muzzleloaders enthusiasts will find invaluable.

With the Percussion Capper Star Tool, not only do you save time and effort, but you also enhance the consistency and reliability of your muzzleloaders.

Features and Additional Details:

  • Material: Constructed from durable plastic, this 3D printer tool is designed to last.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for both #10 and #11 DIY percussion caps, offering maximum versatility.
  • Quantity: This package includes 7 pieces, ensuring you're well-equipped for your shooting needs.

Shipping & Returns:

  • Shipping: Enjoy free priority international shipping, dispatched directly from Poland.
  • Returns: Shop with peace of mind. We accept returns within 14 days.

Bring finesse to your muzzleloading experience with the Percussion Capper Star Tool - because true efficiency lies in the right tools.

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